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60th Reunion

    See 60th year reunion on the main page.

RD and Gail Walker,  Dick and Mary Winn

      Pictured in Kona.

Aileen (Laidlaw) Escher's Recent Tour of the School and La Jolla

Aileen recently made a tour of the campus for our CD project and then posted her results at "Shutterfly" for viewing.  Aileen took a total of 52 pictures, which have been arranged in a slide show.

"Thank you Aileen"


Aileen's "break in" to  find the Viking Baseball Wall of Fame

Aileen, at our request, again went out to the Viking campus to photograph several classmate names that were on the baseball "Wall of Fame".  I neglected to tell her that the baseball field was located at another location.  Aileen writes:

"After lots of walking and driving all over and looking for one at the school, we determined some one had hid it!!!  We finally found someone to ask.  Turns out the baseball field is at the Muirlands Middle School!!  Now, that school is all fenced up and locked, and they have some construction going on.  More hiking and climbing and we finally found the field, then saw the "Wall" in the distance, but since it was all fenced and padlocked up, the best we could do was to take a long distance photo through the fence.  Well, we just couldn't give up after all we had gone through, so we hiked some more and found some openings in the chain link fence and climbed along a looooooong ledge and 'broke in'.  We finally got to the Wall".  

Here are the two Viking Class of 1953 names on the Baseball Wall of Fame:



Margaret and Elaine (then and now...grin)

Buzzy Bent and Susan

New Picture from Richard Hull

Reunion Committee Meeting in October, 2002

Reunion Committee Meeting in May, 2002

Pictures of La Jolla (and all the coast)

A fun URL.  Click on the URL below and then click on the La Jolla coast line.  Or, ask for N 32 51.30 W 11716.36 and get picture #9521 of the Cove. WindanSea is #9559, Bird Rock is #9584, and Pacific Beach Point is #9599.

The picture below shows one of my favorite spots, where one of our class members now lives:


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September 4, 2002:  We moved all the old (historic) pictures to a revised "Old Historic Pictures" page to accommodate the volume of real old pictures that we are receiving.  Please, however, continue to send us current pictures.  Here is a recent picture of Jim Rose, with a wood hat.

December 19, 2001: We heard a rumor that Jim Rose, Buffy and his friend Rick flew from Big Bear to Oceano Air Park, near Pismo Beach, in his new plane to have lunch with Pet and her hubby Marv.  Pictures of Jim's plane (he built it) will be in the "Post 1953" section of the CD.  Buffy even has her own bed in the cargo section, right behind the seats.  Here is a peek at his first flight. 

12/22/2001: Here is a beautiful Christmas card from Rich and Nancy (Huebsch)  Rosasco, showing their Rock Creek ranch, in Nevada.

Luncheon - October 18, 2001:


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