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Jim Rose (August 21, 2014)

            Jim Rose sadly passed away yesterday afternoon at Sterling Commons in Victorville, CA around 1:00 pm. 

           I got there at 1:30 on my usual visit I do very other week and was quickly notified by the staff there. I did notice a quick decline    happening with my Dad during the last month and was semi prepared for this as were some of his local friends that also regularly visited him.  Plans will be made for a memorial at the Rose Family Funeral Home in Simi Valley, located at 4444 Cochran St, Simi Valley, CA 93063  (805) 581-380.

Garen Rose

Class of 52 and 53 Reunion Diner

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Ray Lake's Car, with Buster and RD

  Click here to see Ray, Buster and RD, with Ray's car.  Ray Lake 

Coach Harvey at Age 92

  Click here to see his picture and read the text  from Stan Wyatt.- Coach-Harvey-at-92.html

Nancy Huebsch Rosasco

Nancy died in Sonora, CA, after a long battle with lung tumors.  She and her husband, Rich, owned the historic Rock Creek Ranch, near Golconda, NV.

John Bradley and his wife visited Nancy often in Houston, during her cancer treatments.

Margaret Foster

Margaret passed away this last April (2008), of a stroke.  Her smile, energy, and personality will be greatly missed by her classmates.  As many of you know, she had an earlier stroke and attended the 50th in a wheel chair. (see the "girls") It was marvelous to see her at the 50th.  Who can ever forget all her "antics", such as her cheer leading at the 45th reunion football game.  It seemed that more people sent me pictures of Margaret, than any other one person.  (Ron Haworth, web page editor).

Dick Corrick

Dick died of a heart attach, while bicycling at Green Bay, Wisconsin, April 22, 2008

Dick Corrick, who worked in the Green Bay Packers' personnel department for 17 years, died of a heart attack Wednesday, one day after his 74th birthday.

The Packers hired Corrick as a scout in 1971, and he later served stints as director of pro personnel (1975-'77), director of player personnel (1978-'87) and director of college scouting (1987-'88).

"He was totally team driven, very unselfish, very well-prepared," said Bart Starr, the Hall of Fame quarterback who served as the Packers' head coach from 1975 to 1983 and worked closely with Corrick. "I thought he had a great balance to his life. He loved to be able to laugh. I think that's good for any of us."

Corrick, who retired in 2001 after serving 10 years as a scout with the Atlanta Falcons, lived in Little Suamico. He was bicycling in the town of Humboldt, near Luxemburg and Ronsman roads, when he was stricken, said a friend, Dawn Delvaux-Goodman.

Corrick's friend and neighbor, Dick Pierquet, and another friend rode with him in the ambulance to nearby Aurora Bay Care Medical Center.

"They came back and told us he died shortly thereafter," Delvaux-Goodman said. "He died doing something he loved, biking."

Bob Harlan, the Packers' chairman emeritus, was hired by the team the same year as Corrick. Harlan said Corrick "was very dedicated to everything he did. He was a very colorful guy, especially on draft days."

According to Harlan, Corrick made a point of staying in good shape.

Corrick was remembered for his strong work ethic.

"He was very driven," Starr said.

Corrick was part of the Packers' personnel department that drafted wide receiver James Lofton in the first round in 1978. Lofton went on to a Hall of Fame NFL career.

Starr said Corrick worked well with the coaches on the Packers' staff.

"He was always interested in the team," Starr said. "I always felt he was able to relate to and communicate with the coaches."

When Tom Braatz was hired as Packers executive vice president of football operations in 1987, Corrick's duties shifted from player personnel director to college scouting director.

Corrick worked for the Houston Oilers from 1988 to 1991 as director of college scouting before joining the Falcons' scouting staff.

Corrick graduated from La Jolla (Calif.) High School and was described as a combative, 161-pound center-linebacker under Tommy Prothro at Oregon State. He spent 16 years coaching in the high school and college ranks, including stints at California, Arizona State and Iowa State, before being hired by Packers coach Dan Devine.

His wife, Bonnie; a daughter, Traci; and a son, Rowdy, survive Corrick.


Ned (Edward) Paynter

Ned passed away on July 31, 2007.  He had a PhD  and was a teacher.

Judy Gillis Allison

Judy passed away recently.

Frances Leonard Wagner

Frances passed away yesterday, September 23, 2006.  Services will be held next Saturday.

Elaine Green McCullough

Elaine Green McCullough died last week (week of March 19th).

RD and Dick Winn (29 Feb 04)

We have a new picture of RD and Dick.

Reunion Pictures  (December 22, 2003)

We are posting the pictures that Frank took at the reunion.

Bill Barnhill (November 3, 2003

Bill died October 31, only few weeks after the reunion.  Bill had been a member of the reunion committee, and had helped us so very much.  Bill contributed early school pictures to the CD project.  His last task was to prepare badges for the reunion; taking all those senior pictures and making the badges.  We will miss Bill very much.  His "Bio"  had been used as an example for the memory book, and can be found in the Reunion section of the web page.

Barbara Brayton Flores

Barbara died just one week before the reunion.


Dick Greenfield Dies (August 29)

With only a  few weeks until our 50th reunion, Margaret received word that Dick had died.

His picture has been added to those that will appear on a memorial board at the reunion.  Paul Darrock  will post 69 pictures at the reunion; a total of 74 class members have died.


Young Surfers (August 24) (click on thumbnail to expand it)

a picture contributed by Nina (McConnell) Winn


Gail (Ockerman) Remund (August 22)

Here is picture of Gale that we just recently obtained.


Here is the latest list of people that were found: (August 17, 2003)

Patricia Ashley
Jeannette Baird
Margaret DeBusman
Gary Duncan
Sue Gregory
James David Heim
Betty Hubert
Signe Charlotte Jenkins
Lucille Kempton
Suzy Long Lenore Mateus
Albert Edward McCook
Donald Nelms
Joan O'Hare
Susn Robinson
Mary Elizabeth Roughcore
Carol Schinowsky
Connie Schwandt
Gordon Stepka
Connie Swift
Betty Thornquist
Agnes VanSambeek
Nick Wallace
Courtney Weldon
Betty Welker
Kenneth White
Thank You Victor for finding so many classmates
Margaret, Pet and the Class of 1953

And these were found to have died:

Barbara Chainey
Olen Lewis
Shirley Matheson
Patricia (Pat) Rader
Gayle Marie Whittlesey

People Count Update (August 13, 2003)

The following members were found to have died:

Shirley MATHESON Bodie, Patsy RADER Reid, Olen D. LEWIS, and Gayle Marie WHITTLESEY.

The following members were found...yea

Kenneth  WHITE, Signe Charlotte JENKINS Weadon, Donald NELMS, Ron KENT, and Suzy LONG Lacefield (Suzy has a birthday on September 16th)

(I'll finish updating the memorial "picture" list later,  editor)

Margaret Foster Holder (July 15th, 2003)

Up date:  Margaret is home and in a wheel chair. She is still paralyzed on the left side.  Margaret (Butler) Applegate reports that her spirits are up and that she will be at the reunion, "one way or another".  She has therapy twice a week and is working on regaining the use of her left side.  Margaret talks to her  each week and plans to see her in another week.


Margaret had a stroke and is paralyzed on her left side.  She is in a wheel chair.  They also found a blockage in her neck, so she will need surgery.  It would be nice for everyone to say a prayer for her, plus maybe send her some funny cards to cheer her up. She is currently in Tri City Hospital (Vista), but will move to a rehab center soon.

Lucille Kempton Griffin (June 25, 2003)

Lucille was found and taken off the missing list.

Betty (Hubert) Peariso   (June 13th, 2003) 

Betty has been found and taken off the missing list.  Beverly Morris, who had been on our missing list was found to have died.

Susie Keyes (Morrison) (May 6th, 2003

Susie found us via a Google search and sent her application in to Margaret.

Revised Memorial List  (May 6th, 2003)

We added pictures to our memorial list, and kept our original text list (the text list loads faster).

Paul Darrock is preparing a memorial board to be displayed at the reunion.  The board will include the same senior pictures.

One for the Deceased List (April 1, 2003

Barbara Ann Lee was found to have died; she had been on our missing list.

Bill Barnhill's Surgery (March 28, 2003)


Bill is doing much better now!  "I must say it has been a wild ride.  We came home from the hospital on Tuesday at around 5:00 pm.  On Wednesday we found ourselves back in urgent care, and after being released at 10:00 pm we went home, only to find ourselves back in a bad spot and having to call 911. All is well now (we hope).  It would be nice not to have to go to a hospital or doctor's office or any of the above.  We think we have the problem solved and now are going to really get to work on a recovery path.
  We once again would like to thank all of you for your get well wishes, cards( and prayers.  They were much appreciated.
   Were not quite up for visitors right now but hope to be in the near future.  We will be in touch soon."

Bill's family reports that the surgery to replace a heart valve was a "huge success".

Bill was in surgery for four hours on Wednesday and everything that could go right, did.  The aorta valve was replaced without any problems and no bypass or additional valve work was needed.  Bill's heart began pumping on its own sooner and stronger than expected and he only needed assistance with his breathing for a couple of hours. 

We have a long road of recovery ahead of us but are so grateful and excited that everything has gone so well!  Bill is alert and communicating and even winked a few times too!  He is still in the Intensive Care Unit at Sharp Hospital but we hope he will be moved into the next phase of recovery today or tomorrow.

Thank you dear friends and family for your support!  We really felt your love and prayers. 

We have a bright future ahead of us and look forward to spending time with you all!

Sad News About Four Classmates (March 24, 2003)

The classmate names of BARBARA SMITH, DON BARNES, JANET FOWLER and JOHN GRISWOLD, were all traced to Social Security death records by Pet. Then, their birth dates were compared to date records at the alumni office.  Except for John Griswold, all were on the missing list.

We have added these four to our Memorial list.

Carol (Schinowsky) Dummett (January 22, 2003)

Margaret found Carol.

Deceased and Missing Update (January 4, 2003)

Margaret and Pet have been working on the missing list and added Ted Jankowski to the deceased list.  Found, however, were Mickey Carter, Jetty Frost, and Robert SchubertSusie Gregory has listed herself on "" and was found.


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