Exploring American Quaker Records

June 21‐26, 2020, at La Roche
University, Pittsburgh, PA
Co‐Coordinators: Steven W.
Morrison and Annette Burke Lyttle

This course explores American Quakers from the inside and out. While few in number Quakers left a mountain of records.
Explore original records now available online and learn where they reside. Work with unique finding aids for records still
in repositories. Grasp how radical it was for women to play an equal role in a religion and its record keeping. Discover how
Quakers’ views on slavery and the military, their historical origins, and migration patterns within the US can all help you
track down your elusive ancestor. Dive into unique Quaker migrations with several case studies. Leave the course with a
monster bibliography of Quaker records in print or online. If you have colonial ancestors from New England, the Mid‐
Atlantic, or the Carolinas you may have a Quaker hiding in your family tree. Come find ‘em!
9 AM – Profile of a Quaker – Finding a Friend in Colonial America (Morrison)
10:45 AM – History of Quakerism – Testimonies and Beliefs (Lyttle)
1 PM – Simply Amazing – US Quaker Records Online (Morrison)
2:45 PM – Quaker Women’s Meetings and their Records (Lyttle)
9 AM – Finding Yearly Meeting Records – Quaker Archives in the US and Canada (Morrison)
10:45 AM – Quaker Records at the Family History Library and Other Quaker Archives (Lyttle)
1 PM – Using Hinshaw and other Finding Aids to locate original Quaker Records (Morrison)
2:45 PM – Ye Best Books for Quaker Research (Morrison)
9 AM – Class Mini‐Presentations – Your Quaker ‘Brick Wall’ Ancestor (Lyttle and Morrison)
10:45 AM – Mapping Quaker Meetings – Tracking American Quaker Migrations (Morrison)
1 PM – Quakers at Peace and during Conflict (Morrison)
2:45 PM – New England Quaker Records (Lyttle)
9 AM – Quakers on the Move – Three Friendly Migrations (Morrison)
10:45 AM – Slavery, Quakers & the Underground Railroad (Lyttle)
1 PM – Southern Quakers to the Midwest – An Unexpected Exodus (Morrison)
2:45 PM Digging Deeper – Into Quaker Sufferings and Removals (Morrison)
9 AM – Following a Quaker Family – New
Jersey to Iowa the Long Way Around (Lyttle)
10:45 AM – Was Isaac Perkins/Parkins really
a Quaker? (Morrison)

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