Migration Paths

     As a part of the 300 year celebration, several of us studied the migration history of the Haworth family.  Ms Wanda Shelton made an excellent presentation at the reunion, and a copy of her presentation will be included in the soon to be published minutes of the reunion.  I'll also post the pictures of the various meeting houses.

     My study involved doing a computer search of the Haworth name in "The Encyclopedia of Quaker Genealogy, 1750-1930" by Family Tree Maker (CD#192).  First, Family Tree Maker copied each of the six William Wade Hinshaw books.  Then, FTM  indexed the names that appear in the Hinshaw books.  That is, family names can be found in the Index of the FTM CD. 

      I performed a global search of our name and obtained a  listing of 755 Haworths.  The list showed: the full name, the Meeting House attended, and the page reference in the Hinshaw book.  With one click of the mouse, the correct page in the Hinshaw book opened for me to review.  Shown on the page was the date when each Haworth was a member at that specific Meeting House.  Also, when a family moved, the dates for leaving and receiving locations are shown.  

     Next, I did a copy/paste from FTM to an Excel spreadsheet, copying the entire 755 Haworth entries.  Then, I entered on the spreadsheet, the date for each entry (a few entries did not have a date, so I ended up with 607 date entries).  Yes, this took many hours to search all the entries, but when I was done, I had a location and date for all the names.  My next step was easy;  I did a sort in Excel by date sequence.  In a fraction of a second, George and Sarah Haworth's names showed up at the start of the list with the date of 1710 (they married on September 28, 1710).  I was elated at the final results of my hard work.  Ron Haworth, Editor

     Clink on  Haworth Entries   to go to the page showing the 607 entries. This page was recently modified to html code for faster downloading.    

     Clink on  Migration Path Map to get an overview of the migration routes.

1990 Distribution:  The map pictured below, is a 1990 distribution of the name "Haworth".  If you want to see where the population was on a different date, go to the website listed below and experiment.



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