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The following is taken from the records of Frederick County, Virginia in 1767. It shows the final settlement of the estate of James Haworth, about ten years after his death. (There is no record of his will.) On pages I and 2 of Part III of the Haworth family narrative is information concerning James Haworth, his wife Sarah Wood, James' death and Sarah's subsequent marriage to Peter Ruble.

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Part VIII of reports concerning the

 Haworth family and directed especially

 to the grandchildren of William Perry

 and Abigail Chawner Haworth

- by Gerald and Helen Wood.


A recent publication, ILLIANA, subtitled "Abstracts of the Records of the Society of Friends of Vermilion Quarterly Meeting", has furnished additional information for the period 1826-1900. These abstracts are from Monthly Meeting Minutes, birth and death records, and were not previously available. The lives of our great grandparents- Eli and Lydia Dillon Haworth (Generation VI in the basic chart) had previously but little documentation.

(Editor's note:  The publication "Illiana" is still available and we have a copy, Editor, Ron Haworth)

Information (mostly from the Abstracts) 

1814   (March 10) Eli Haworth born in Clinton County Ohio. 

1815   (December 5) Lydia Dillon born in Greene County, Tenn. 

1825   Eli, with parents, moved to Vermilion County, Illinois and were members of Vermilion           Monthly Meeting. 

1830   Garrett and Margaret Dillon) with children including Lydia, moved to Elwood Township, Vermilion County, Ill. 

1831   The Dillon family was received into membership (Mar.5) by Vermilion 

             Monthly Meeting "on certificate from New Hope Monthly Meeting, Tennessee. 

1831   (June 4) Eli was reported in his Monthly Meeting as "deviating from plainness of dress and unbecoming conduct." 

1831   Eli was "condemned for his misconduct." (Sep.3) 

1833   (March 2) Eli was reported as "deviating from plainness of dress, drinking liquor and offering to fight." 

1833   (May 5) Eli and Lydia were married. (This date is from Lydia's obituary. The marriage must have been by a 

             "hireling teacher" and not according to Quaker discipline. 

1833   Eli was disowned by his Monthly Meeting. (July 6) 

1833   (September 7) Lydia Haworth, formerly Dillon, was reported as "married contrary to  discipline

              and deviating from plainness of dress." 

1833   (December 7) Lydia Haworth "condemned her marriage contrary to discipline" and was reinstated in the Monthly Meeting. 

1858   (December 4) Eli with younger children; Mary, Christopher, William P., Rachel Alice, Charles F. ; 

              were received into membership in Vermilion Monthly Meeting. 

1860   (March 11) Eli died, burial at Pilot Grove. 

1861   March 14) Mahala, daughter of Eli and Lydia Haworth, married Henry Fletcher. 

1866   (November 1) Lydia Dillon Haworth married John Fletcher, a widower and father of Henry Fletcher. 

1895   (May 3) John Fletcher died, burial at Pilot Grove. 

1904   (January 11) Lydia Dillon Haworth-Fletcher died, burial at Pilot Grove.

The names of John and Lydia Fletcher appear often in the Minutes of Hopewell Monthly Meeting from 1883 to 1895. They also appear in the Minutes of Pilot Grove Preparative Meeting.

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The year 1833 was difficult for Eli and Lydia, but not uncommon for the time and place. Younger Quakers were often in rebellion against the strict rules of the Society, particularly those concerning marriage. Eli was disowned for unbecoming conduct, while Lydia was under criticism for her marriage to Eli, "contrary to discipline", and was facing probable disownment. However) Lydia "condemned her marriage which in effect, was a public confession of error and regret, and was reinstated in the Monthly Meeting.

For twenty-five years (1833-1858) the Minutes of Vermilion Monthly Meeting made no reference to Eli or Lydia. Eli was not a member and Lydia was much occupied in the rearing of her nine children. In 1858 (December 4) Eli came back into membership, with the five younger children; (Mary 13 Christopher 10, William 8, Rachel Alice 5, Charles 2). Earlier that year the eldest child, Margaret 24, had died. The following year (April 29, 1859) Rachel Alice had passed away. Eli, who may have been ill for some time, died in 1860 (March 11). Lydia had then to face alone the illness and death of the boy Christopher on January 22, 1883.

Eli was about 46 years of age at his death. He and Lydia had been married 27 years


Both Eli and Lydia had been members of the Society in their early years but through misconduct had forfeited any Birthright standing that might have come to their children. Lydia, alone, had condemned her action and was reinstated before the birth of any child, but both parents were required to be in good standing. This question, which was of concern a century ago, no longer applies to the children of Quakers.


Who is the young woman in the old tintype? She is standing, in the pose often used in early photography, with one hand on the shoulder of a man, seated. The man has the countenance of a Haworth and if the woman could be identified as Lydia, it might be an early photo of Eli and Lydia Dillon Haworth. We have never seen a known picture of Eli, but we have two photos of Lydia. One was made when she was about seventy years of age, the other in her late eighties. The features are not clear in the tintype, but it agrees with the known pictures of Lydia in the general shape of the head and the setting of the ears. This old photo could add to a generation in which there is little material.

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Lawrence H. Peery, a cousin through the Chawner line, died May 31, 1974 at his home in Wilmington, Ohio. He was 49 years of age. "Larry", as he was known, had long been active in the Five Years Meeting of Friends and had been Superintendent of Ohio Yearly Meeting.


Torn and Verla Griffiths left their home in Wichita July 30, 1974 for an extended visit with Tom's relatives in South Wales. They expect to see some Haworth cousins, James and Jessie Haworth Barlow, in Barley, Lancashire, England.



Chawner family items are being collected at Guilford College, Guilford College P. O., North Carolina. (27410) These have included; letters, diaries, photos, journals and wills.


The following was not available when Part VI

 of Haworth family reports was sent in July 1971. 

This data will supplement page 4 of that report.


     lst. M (1926) to Earle Temple (divorced 1939) 

    2nd. M (1942) to Wilbur Wayne Spetcher

          SUSAN WAYNE SPEICHER b (restricted) M (1970) to Ronald John Ayers

          CHRISTA SUE AYERS b (restricted)

ALFRED DWIGHT HAWORTH b(12-13-1909) M (1937) to Dorothy Johnson

          STEPHEN ANTHONY HAWORTH b (restricted) 

         (By adoption - son of wife's previous M) M (1961) to Joan Allen

                    SOAMES STEPHEN HAWORTH b (restricted) by adoption

          MARIA TERESA HAWORTH b (restricted)


This is perhaps the last Haworth Family Report, unless we discover more information. They have been but a small part of the total data we have found and recorded. Again we state our willingness to share more with any interested persons. We can make tracings of the Coat of Arms, furnish copies of some photos, and answer many questions about the Haworth and related lines. This is not a commercial venture, but only a retirement activity.

signed Gerald and Helen Wood

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PART IX of a narrative concerning the

 HAWORTH FAMILY and directed especially

 to the grandchildren of William Perry and Abigail Haworth



J. Howell Griffiths died in Wichita, Kansas April 9,1975 in his 73rd year. He had been living in Amarillo, Texas until failing health required his moving to Wichita to be near members of his family.

He was buried in the Ottawa Indian Cemetery near Miami, Oklahoma, at the side of his first wife Juanita, who died in 1950, and near his grandparents William Perry and Abigail Haworth. His parents, Clarence K.

Griffiths and Alice Haworth Griffiths, are also interred at Ottawa.  There were services in Wichita conducted by David Kingrey, pastor of University Friends Church and at graveside by the pastor of the Miami Friends Church.

Attending services in Wichita were Howell's wife Ethel and members of her family; his two sons Joseph and William; the former's daughter Diane and the latter's wife Patricia. Also present were Howell's sister Gail and her husband Paul Schultz of Independence, Missouri; his brother Thomas Griffiths and wife Verla of Wichita; his cousin Gerald Wood and his wife Helen also from Wichita.

Both sons are in U.S. Military Service; Joseph with the US Navy in Japan; William in the US Air Force in Florida. Joseph came by air which was complicated due to conflicts with air evacuation from Viet Nam.

Communication with Howell had been difficult in the last he days and hours of his life. However, on occasion, spoke of his Haworth cousins, mentioning several by name.



Verla and Tom Griffiths were in Britain from July 30 to September 15, 1974. They have made this trip a number of times to visit members of the Griffiths family in South Wales. This occasion they were also in Barley, Lancashire to see our distant Haworth cousins. Our Jones cousins, William C. and Helen FE were in Barley as reported in Letter IV, of October 1970. It is perhaps known to most of us that "Bill" Jones is also of Welsh descent, from Anglesey.

One of Tom's Welsh cousins is expected soon in Wichita. She is Hilda Griffiths of Glamorgan.

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