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Little is known of Eli Haworth except that he came with his parents from Clinton County, Ohio to Vermillion County, Illinois when about eleven years of age. He was listed as a pupil in the first school conducted in south Vermillion County.

Eli married Lydia Dillon, daughter of Garrett and Margaret Dillon of Irish descent. The Dillons had lived in Greene County, Tennessee and perhaps had known the Haworths there. He was 19 at time of marriage; Lydia was seventeen.

Eli and Lydia lived near Georgetown, Illinois where their nine children were born. When Eli died in 1860 he left a number of young children.  Charles was about four years of age; our grand­father, William Perry, was about ten. Lydia had a difficult problem to rear her children. Just when the family moved to the area of Ridge Farm, is not known. There, six years after the death of Eli, she married John Fletcher, a widower.

Many persons remember Great-grandmother Haworth-Fletcher. She died in 1904 at the home of her daughter, Mary Haworth Pierce-Patton in St. Joseph, Missouri.  Lydia and Eli, both were buried in the family plot in Pilot Grove Cemetery east of Ridge Farm.

(In 1969 we searched the Pilot Grove Cemetery for Haworth markers, but found only one, that of Samuel Haworth. The cemetery is well-kept, though the old meeting house is gone.)


Samuel, the eldest child who survived after the death of Margaret, can be documented through a number of sources. He was in military service during the Civil War and we have his service and pension records. He assisted William Perry during the Haworth Reunions of 1899 and 1902.

Thus his name appears frequently in the booklet, "HAWORTHS IN AMERICA"; published to record these reunions. Samuel contributed generously to the "DAVIS PAMPHLETS" - the Haworth record published from 1906-1914 in North Carolina. Family tradition tells that he lived in Thorntown, Indiana much of his adult life, where he conducted a mercantile business and for a time had brothers William Perry and Charles as associates.

Samuel was tall for a Haworth. At his enlistment July 12, 1882 in Co. A, 79th Regiment of Illinois Volunteers; he was five feet eleven inches tall, light complection, sandy hair and blue eyes. In military service he acquired a physical problem from which he never recovered. He was discharged at Chattanooga June 27, 1865.


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GENERATION VII (continued)

Samuel married Emily Rees of Vermillion County, Illinois in 1872. They had one son, William E. Haworth, born December 9, 1875. In 1877, he was in Chase County, Kansas at the village of Toledo. This was near Emporia where there had been a large immigration of Quakers. At Toledo, April 22, 1878, Emily died leaving their two year old child. Immediately after the loss of his wife, Samuel returned to Thorntown Indiana. There he married Lydia Bonsell, a widow, October 16, 1879.

Samuel died at the home of his son in Wisconsin and was buried in the Pilot Grove Cemetery near Ridge Farm, Illinois.

Julia Ann third child of Eli and Lydia Haworth, was born in Georgetown, Vermillion County, Illinois. In her nineteenth year she was married to I. N. (Nute) Thompson, a native of Ridgefarm in Vermillion County and of Scotch-Irish descent. At the time of their marriage in 1859, war was imminent between the North and South. They had one child - Alice – before the pressures and the anxieties of the coming conflict came to the new home.

On July 12, 1862, Nute Thompson and Julia's older brother Samuel Haworth, enlisted together in Co. A, 79th Regiment of Illinois Volunteers. At the end of his enlistment in 1865, Nute returned to Illinois and for a time lived in Iroquois County, just north from the home county of Vermillion.

Taking advantage of homestead privileges for veterans, and with the opening of new land in the West, the young family moved to Jefferson County in south-eastern Nebraska in 1867. Here the parents reared their family and remained for the rest of their lives- more than sixty years, in or near the city of Fairbury. Though Nute was a farmer, he was also a community leader and occasional county official. Julia Ann was active in church and related concerns.

Homer Thompson, the second child, was born in Illinois in 1886, but the rest of the children were born in Nebraska: Lillie, 1869; Edgar, 1871; Abbie, 1875; Charles, 1877; Anna, 1881.

Nute and Julia Thompson were nearing their 70th wedding anniversary when she died September 28, 1928. Nute survived her a few years. He passed away June 4, I932 in his 95th year.

(As a professional railroader and passenger train conductor, Homer Thompson was well known to others of the Haworth clan who rode with him on his trains. With his young family, Homer often visited his cousins in Colorado and elsewhere. In more recent years, Homer's son, Conway Thompson in his travels has visited other Haworth descendants. Thus the avenues of communication are maintained.)

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Generation VII (continued)

(It can be noted from the genealogical chart that three of the children in this generation "died young". Of those who lived to maturity, we have had source material to develop brief sketches of three Samuel, Julia and William Perry. Of the remaining three we need "avenues of communication" for Mahala, Mary and Charles. We are in touch with descendants of Mahala, but have no contact with the families of Mary and Charles. If and when these can be secured, we will prepare sketches for all on our mailing list.)




Eli B (3-10-1814) D(3-11-1860), 

  1st M (5-5-1833) to Lydia Dillon B(12-5-1815) D(1-11-I9O4)

             Lydia Dillon Haworth,

  2nd marriage (11-1-1868) to John Fletcher


(none second marriage)

Margaret B(12-10-1834) D(1858) (never married)

Samuel B (4-14-1838) D (7-20-1911), 1st M (4-11-1872) to Emily Rees D (4-22-1878)

                                                                       2nd M (10-16-1879) to Lydia Bonsell  

Julia B (6-25-1840) D (9-28-1928),  M (3-31-1859) to Nute Thompson

Mahala B (10-15-1842) D (10-11-1926),  M ( 3-14-1861) to Henry Fletcher (son of John Fletcher)

Mary B (3-24-1845) D (5-I-1918),

  1st M (2-11-1864) to Joseph Pierce D (1882)

  2nd M (1899) to Nathan Patton  

Christopher B (1-13-1848) D (1863) (never married)

William Perry B (2-16-1850) D (1-27-1933) 

                           M (12-29-1869) to Abigail Chawner

Alice B (12-16-1853) D (1859)

Charles B (10-15-1856) D ( ? ),

   1st M( 2-15-1880) to Martha Huddleston,  

   2nd M (1-19-1888) to Mary E. Minor

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NOTES (continued)

The following is from a letter by SAMUEL HAWORTH Of  GVII and dated at Thorntown, Indiana November 4, 1906; as printed in the Davis Pamphlets, Vol. II page 52.


"My father's family was and is the banner red-headed family of all the Haworths. My father, Eli, married a red-headed girl and had nine children; six red-headed and three black. When we speak of the Haworths of Illinois, we mean those of Vermillion County. There has been from first to last a great many Haworths living in that county; in fact I know of no other place, except Decatur, where Haworths have lived in the state.

"Years ago we used to wagon to Chicago which was 125 miles. Of course we had to camp on the road. There were many nice camp­ing places, plenty of wood for fire and grass for horses. I remember my first trip to Chicago with my father, Uncle William and his youngest son Ami. (This reference is to Samuel's great-uncle of Generation V.) We carried a load of Maiden Blush apples. We had a fine trip save one runaway.

"This is how it happened: Our team when in the rear would follow and we boys could play along the road. One day we boys were driving Uncle William's team in the rear and I, being anxious for play, told Ami their team would follow the same as ours. He got out I tied up the lines then out I leaped and away went the team right angle from the road, fast as it could run. It was on a prairie so large you could not see across it.

Ami lit out after the team as fast as he could run. I hid under father's wagon for fear.

"Uncle William, hearing the racket, looked out from father's wagon where he was riding; saw Ami team and all going west as fast as they could run.

Uncle William began yelling, "Catch 'em Ami, Catch 'em Ami." Father, not seeing me, became much excited and began to yell, "Is Sam in the wagon?"

I crawled out from under­neath the wagon and the excitement was soon over. Ami did catch 'em; the horses tired running over rough ground and came to a walk in about three-quarters of a mile. Ami climbed in, secured the reins and came driving back. No one was hurt and nothing lost except an old whip."

Ami was a year older than Samuel, who was born in 1838. At the time of the trip to Chicago, the boys may have been in their early teens, or younger.)


An observation on large families:  

One hundred and fifty years ago families were large. George Haworth and wife, Susanna Dillon Haworth, of Generation IV had twelve children who lived to maturity. At least two others "died young." From many observations we would make the general rule; the first child arrived in the first year after marriage and thereafter at two year intervals, for thirty years. Large families were essential under frontier conditions where each child added to the economic stability of the family.


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NOTES (continued)

Abbie Haworth Parrish sent us a clipping from Cappers Weekly concerning Mrs. Richard Ballew of Moulton, Iowa, a Haworth descendant.  Helen Wood wrote to her and received a long letter in reply which outlined a number of Haworth-related families.  This data has been incorporated with the other information.  We can use tips like this and give special appreciation to our cousin Abbie.


Where is (was) Toledo, Kansas?

Toledo does not appear en any modern map of Kansas, but we consulted a map of 1880 and were able to locate it in Chase County, a few miles west of Emporia. There had been considerable Quaker migration into the area in the 1870s and it was soon to claim William Perry and Abigail Haworth.  Nothing remains of Toledo except a small and neat burial ground, a few stones with Quaker names - but none for Emily Rees Haworth.

We visited this site last Fall. By continuing our exploration south from Toledo we came to another site of a frontier village; that of HAWORTH, Kansas. There in another well tended cemetery we found a record of the "silent majority", again with Quaker names, but no Haworths.


Emily Rees Haworth was from a prominent family of Vermillion County, Illinois. She and her husband, Samuel Haworth, are named in a graphic history of the Rees family by authoress Elizabeth Emerson.


James R. Haworth, author of GEORGE HAWORTH AND SOME OF HIS DESCENDANTS, sent us a picture taken many years ago at Thorntown, Indiana. We have identified it as a picture of Samuel Haworth.  The fact that James R. Haworth had the picture, would indicate Samuel had communicated with the Haworth branch in West Virginia, of which James R. Haworth was a member.



This report tells part of the story about Generation VII, the generation of our Haworth grandparents. What should be done with Generation VIII that of our parents?  What about Generations IX, X, XI and XII?  Will someone be responsible for brief sketches about his or her parents as listed in Generation VIII?  Can each grandchild of William Perry and Abigail Haworth prepare a sketch of self?  Can we, as of this year 1971, make a list of our children, grandchildren, great grandchildren, together with dates etc.?  Do you want this information shared with your cousins?

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NOTES (continued)

From Thelma Haworth Lepley we have a letter telling of two incidents; one in the life of her father when he was a child, the other in her own childhood.


The old McGuffey Reader told the story about the Church of England missionary, in the South Pacific, who wished to send a mess­age to his wife. He took a chip, wrote on it and sent it by an illiterate native carrier. To the native it was magic, the chip that could talk. To the young school-boy there was the thrill of discovery when he told his mother about the McGuffey story. The young reader was Homer Haworth, the mother was Abigail Chawner Haworth, the missionary was her great uncle, John Williams.

Thelma recalls her own thrill when her father, in her childhood, told her the story. And there must have been rediscovery as she adds: "For years I have been trying to remember the name of that missionary, 'John Williams' ".

Then Thelma quotes from the COLUMBIA ENCYCLOPEDIA WILLIAMS, JOHN, (1796-I839) English missionary, called the Apostle of Polynesia. Under the London Missionary Society he went (1816) to the Society Islands, where his work included the economic as well as religious education of the natives. Discovering Rarotonga in 1823, he founded missions and schools there and translated parts of the Bible and other books into the Rarotongan tongue. After a visit to England (1834-1838) he returned to the South Seas in a newly outfitted ship for his missionary expeditions among the islands, In the New Hebrides, in a region where he was not known and where he was planning to start a mission, he was killed by cannibals. "His Narrative of Missionary Enterprise in the South Sea Islands" (1837) threw valuable light on little-known Polynesia.


From Mary Edith Hinshaw comes a letter with interesting information about John Squire Chawner, the Immigrant and Grandfather of Abigail Chawner Haworth. (Mrs. Hinshaw is a grand-daughter of Mary Chawner Woody, a sister to Abigail Haworth.)

John Squire Chawner was an attorney at law, a solicitor in Chancery and had a commission to take affidavits in Chancery, a Master extraordinary in Chancery and had commission to take affidavits in all the courts of Law and Equity in Great Britain; and a military commission under the King.

Now he is a teacher of a day school in the United States of America and a poor despised Quaker. What a change!

Beloved and admired by the world In my youth, But now hated and despised Because I love the truth. Poor John Chawner

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NOTE: This report, to the extent that data is available, lists basic genealogical information for GENERATION VIII and subsequent generations to include all descendants to the date of July 197I.



FLORA HAWORTH b(I0-II-1870) d(7-7-1961),  M (1893) to S. Aldin Wood b(2-16-1868) d(I0-2I-1942)

          GERALD H. WOOD b(7-9-1895),  M (1926) to Helen H. Nester b(9-15-1901)

                    THOMAS A. WOOD b (restricted), 

                    lst.  M (1951) to Prudence Baker (divorced)

                                             JANET GAIL WOOD b (restricted)

                                             DALE EUGENE WOOD b (restricted) 

                    2nd.  M (1961) to Marilyn Nelson

                                             WILLIAM THOMAS WOOD b (restricted)

                                             RICHARD SCOTT WOOD b (restricted)

                    DAVID R. WOOD b(restricted),  M (I967) to Virginia Eberly

          ABIGAIL "GAIL" WOOD b(I-25-1903) d(II-I7-1904)

          LAURENCE L. WOOD b(I0-6-1906) d(9-7-1965),  M (1930) to Gladys Heath b (I0-5-1907)

                   GERALD L. WOOD b( restricted) M (1954) to Shirley Bird

                                CINDY WOOD b (restricted) (from wife's previous M) 

                                BONNIE WOOD b (restricted)

                               JULIE WOOD b (restricted)

          WILLIAM A. WOOD b(5-3-1909),  M (1932) to Doris Sender b(9-27-1904)

                    LARRY B. WOOD b (restricted),  M (1953) to Kathleen Monroe

                                DEBBIE WOOD b (restricted)

                   SANDRA WOOD b (restricted),   M (1960) to Jas. Romig (divorced)

                                TERRY WOOD b (restricted)

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HOMER H. HAWORTH b(5-2O-1872) d(I0-8-1945),  M (3-1-1873) to Minnie Jane Walton b(8-6-1873) d(8-8-1946)

          PAUL W. HAWORTH b(12-23-1893),  M (1933) to Georgia Edna Bassett b(1910)

                    WILLIAM PAUL HAWORTH b (restricted),   M (1957) to JoAnn Schnurbush

                              WILLIAM JOHN HAWORTH (by adoption)

                              CHRISTOPHER PAUL HAWORTH b (restricted)

          L. FAYE HAWORTH b(7-28-1895),  M (12-21-1919) to John C. Warner b(II-I8-I889) d(7-31-I968)

                    MYRTLE F. WARNER b(2-7-1921),  M (I943) to Anthony F. Tisone b (restricted)

                    JOHN H. WARNER b (restricted) TWIN,  M (1945) to Doris Mae Larson b (restricted)

                              JOHN H. WARNER Jr. b (restricted),    M (1971) to Audrey Eastwood

                              JOYCE L. WARNER b (restricted)

                              WENDY S. WARNER b (restricted)

                     JAMES A. WARNER b (restricted) TWIN,  M  (1943) to Margie L. Ackerman b (restricted)

                               JUDY K. WARNER b (restricted),  M (1967) to Jack Harris

                               JOAN F. WARNER b (restricted),  M (1965) to Robert Conway

                                           SHAWN CONWAY b (restricted)

                               JAMES M. WARNER b (restricted)

                      CURTIS H. WARNER b (restricted),    M (I946) to Patricia Nelson b (restricted)

                                           BONNIE G. WARNER b (restricted),  M (1968) to Arthur Oppenheimer b (restricted)

                                           KENNETH J. WARNER b (restricted)

                                           CINDY K. WARNER b (restricted)

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          ABBIE C. HAWORTH b(3-19-1904), M (1927) to Elmer F. Parish b(2-7-1900)

                            KENNETH P. PARISH b 1928, died June 1985 

                   lst M (1947) to Eulaila Donald (divorced)

                                         LARRY D. PARISH b (living) 

                                         DAVID W. PARISH b (restricted)

                                         WAYNE E. PARISH b (restricted)

                             2nd M (1967) to Pear/Miller D( 9-1971)

                            DONALD L. PARISH b 1929, died 2001, M (1951) to Lillie B. Perdue

                                        MICHAEL E. PARISH b (restricted)

                                        KAREN B. PARISH B (restricted)

                                        BRIAN L. PARISH b (restricted)

                                        PATRICK K. PARISH b (restricted)

                                        CAROL A. PARISH b (restricted)

          THELMA JANET HAWORTH b (4-24-1906),  

       lst M (1928) to Robert G. Will (divorced 1939)

                             HARRIETTE JANE WILL b (restricted)

                             ROBERT BURNS WILL b(1931) d(1932)  

        2nd M (1941) to William M. Lepley b(1-17-1906)

                             HARRIETTE JANE LEPLEY (adopted 1946),   M (1948) to Willard H. Parkhill

                                         WILLIAM BRUCE PARKHILL b (restricted)

                                         BARRY LEE PARKHILL b (restricted)

                                         JANET CORBY PARKHILL b (restricted)

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CHARLES C. HAWORTH b(4-15-1874) d(5-24-1961),  

lst M (12-25-1899) to Orpha Ruth Hull b(11-29-1875) d(11-16-1926)


          (No information concerning descendants)

         CHARLES CLARENCE HAWORTH b(12-13-1903) d(1-19-1904)

          HELEN FE HAWORTH b(11-1-1904), M (10-29-1926) to William C Jones b(9-17-1900)

                    LENORE ARLINE JONES b(11-4-1927) d(1-18-1928)

                    GORDON C. JONES b (restricted), M (1956) to Katherine Nelson b (restricted)

                             JOANNE FE JONES b (restricted)

                    ALFRED HAWORTH JONES b (restricted), M (1968) to Bonnie Marvey b (restricted)

           JOSEPH PERRY HAWORTH b(1-18-1907) d(2-10-1925)


           (No information concerning descendants)

2nd M (8-12-1929) to Bertha McCracken b (restricted)

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NORA ALICE HAWORTH b(10-12-1877) d(8-27-1925), M (1899) to Clarence Morgan Griffiths b(5-16-1874) d(6-23-1951)

          J. HOWELL GRIFFITHS b(11-22-1902)  

       1st M. (1925) to Juanita B. Moore b ( ? ) d (3-6-1950)

                    JOSEPH H. GRIFFITHS b (restricted)  

             1st M (1954) to Arlene Warner (divorced)

                              DIANNE SUSAN GRIFFITHS b (restricted)  

             2nd M (1958) to Nobuko ____________

                              THOMAS JOSEPH GRIFFITHS b (restricted) (by adoption)

                   ALICE KATHERINE GRIFFITHS b (7-19-1931) d(8-3-1931)

                   WILLIAM THOMAS GRIFFITHS b (restricted) M (1959) to Patricia F. Turner b (restricted)

                             DEBRA M. GRIFFITHS b (restricted)

                             JAMES a. GRIFFITHS b (restricted)

                             MARK T. GRIFFITHS b (restricted)

                            (All above children are by adoption and are from the same parents.)

           2nd M (1956) to Ethel Barnes

           W. THOMAS GRIFFITHS b (restricted) M (1938) to Verla 0. Wallace b (restricted)

           ABIGAIL ELIZABETH GRIFFITHS b (restricted) M (1940) to Paul E. Schultz b (restricted)

                     ELIZABETH A. SCHULTZ b (restricted) M (1963) to Lynn K. Ballew b (restricted)

                               CYNTHIA L. BALLEW b (restricted)

                               PAUL G. BALLEW b (restricted) 

                     ALICE J. SCHULTZ b (restricted)

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JOHN PERRY HAWORTH b(7-19-1882) d(12-24-1912) M (12-29-1908) to Nancy May Van Duzer b(5-3-1884) d(5-17-1968)

          IRA HAROLD HAWORTH b (9-21-1910) M (1941) to Grace Isenhower Haworth b (1914)

                    GEORGE "J" HAWORTH b (restricted)

          CLARENCE JOHN PERRY HAWORTH b ( 8-16-1913) M (1933) to Grace Isenhower (divorced)

                    * GERALD ARTHUR HAWORTH b ( restricted) M (1953) to Dorothy Brooder b (restricted)

                              GARY RICHARD HAWORTH b (restricted)

                              LARRY RUSSELL HAWORTH b (restricted)

                              CLAYTON PAUL HAWORTH b (restricted)

                     * WILLIAM PERRY HAWORTH b (restricted) M (1960) to Carol Ann Shelby b (restricted)

                               ALICE LORRAINE HAWORTH b (restricted)

                               NANCY CAROL HAWORTH b (restricted)

                     * DANIEL HAROLD HAWORTH b (restricted) M (1966) to Susan Stell Warrick b (restricted)

(*)Legally adopted by Ira Harold Haworth and Grace I. Haworth June 9, 1942, in Kent County, State of Delaware, USA.

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This is a simplified copy of a chart made under the supervision of William Perry Haworth and Abigail Chawner Haworth at Miami, Oklahoma, August 26, 1929.  It in turn was the copy of a chart by William Perry Haworth, made June 24, 1891 in the home of John Chawner, Oskaloosa, Iowa.  The latter chart had been copied from one in possession of Mary Chawner Williams; 26 Coborn Street, Bow Road, London, England on June 16 and 17 1845, by Chalkley Chawner.

The chart presumes to show the children of ten families, and generations from William Chawner (GI) and to trace the male descent to the children of Chalkley and Sarah Chawner (GIX) and their grandchildren (GX). It does not include any names in Generation XI. However we have met or corresponded with several. These include:

Mary Edith Woody Hinshaw, a daughter of Waldo Woody;  Mrs. Ralph Kinkaid, a daughter of Stella White; Laurence Peery, a son of Herschel Peery.  Mrs. Kinkaid is now deceased. We also have corresponded with Ethel Wesner, a descendant of Mary Chawner Newsom (GVIII).

Details, such as dates, are omitted from the chart, though some are supplied in these notes. The earliest date is that of the death of Ann (GI) 1599. No doubt this had been taken from a grave stone or vault cover.

In 1966 we visited Cheadle in Staffordshire, England. This was the area of Chawner family origins. We found two Chawner vaults that bore the names of twelve family members, in the yard of St. Giles church. None, however, corresponded with any names on this chart. Inside the church we found a memorial plaque to William of Generation VII. This was a brother of John Squire Chawner, the Immigrant. One of the vaults involved burials in the 1800's. The other was much older and the cover stone was damaged and eroded. (These vaults are deep, grave-sized excavations lined with stone or cement and capped by a single large and heavy stone. The cap-stone may be removed for additional interments, one above the other, until the vault is full.)


This man is notable in family records as "The Immigrant". Born April 15, 1781, he was the eldest child of Thomas and Mary Squire Chawner of Denston Hall near Cheadle. His two brothers were physicians, while he was a barrister credited to the King's Bench.

The date at which he came to America seems to be in some question, though the circumstances under which he became a Quaker and found a wife seem clear. One account says he came under a royal commission in 1813-1814 for a cruise along the American coast. While his ship was in harbor at Elizabeth City, North Carolina, he went ashore and noted a group of persons gathered. It was a Quaker Meeting.  He was curious, went inside, was convinced, became a Quaker and decided to remain in America. The persuasive minister was Chalkley Albertson.

Documented by Quaker meeting records are the following:

John Squire Chawner was received into membership at Suttons Creek Monthly Meeting in North Carolina, December 10, 1810. At the same Meeting, on February 9, 1812 he married Sarah Albertson, daughter of Chalkley Albertson.

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CHAWNER FAMILY (continued)

September 18, 1814, John Squire Chawner, wife Sarah and son William (or Thomas) requested certificate of removal from Suttons Creek Meeting to Lick Creek Quaker Meeting in Washington County, Indiana. Later they moved to Sand Creek Meeting, Bartholomew County, Indiana, near Elizabethtown.  John Squire Chawner died April 1, 1854 and was buried at Sand Creek.  Nearly 28 years later, February 22, 1858, Sarah died and was buried at the side of her husband.

In 1965 we visited the Sand Creek burial ground. The Meeting House no longer exists, but we found the markers for the graves of John and Sarah Chawner. They are modest stones about ten inches high and give only names and dates. At the home of a neighbor we saw records of the founding of the Sand Creek Meeting. John was head of the men's group, Sarah headed the women's meeting.


John Williams, husband of Mary Chawner of Generation VII, was killed and "eaten" by cannibals on Eromonga Island in the New Hebrides chain of the South Pacific. Chawner family tradition tells how John Williams, a missionary, had gone ashore to meet the natives. His companions in an off-shore boat saw him attempt to escape by running to the waters-edge, but he was beaten down and dragged back into the jungle. His widow, Mary Chawner Williams, was living in London in 1845 when Chalkley Chawner visited her and made a copy of the Chawner genealogical chart. ( Some years ago when we visited the home of Mary, Alberta and Winfred Chawner in Whittier, California, we saw in their home a painted portrait of John Williams.)


Chalkley Chawner was born in Washington County, Indiana July 11, 1819.  He was the youngest of four children of John Squire and Sarah Albertson Chawner. He moved with his parents to Bartholomew County. There, and possibly in the Sand Creek Friends Meeting he was married to Sarah Cox, his second cousin, in January 1839. Sarah Cox, daughter of Isaac and Millicent Cox, was born in Wayne County, North Carolina, August 21, 1818.

Her family had migrated to Indiana at an early date. In 1845 Chalkley went to England to present claims to inheritance from an uncle. (We have a number of long letters from England to his family in

Bartholomew County. These letters show the spiritual quality and temperament of our ancestor, his concern for the education of his children and his anxiety for his own health. He also told of his visits to Cheadle and London and his attendance at London Yearly Meeting.)

Benefited by funds from the Estate in England, Chalkley bought a sizeable acreage, including woodland, in the Sugar Plain Quaker area near Thorntown, Boone County, Indiana. The children grew to maturity, were educated and found service and professional opportunities. Mattie, the youngest was born in Boone County and it fell to her, her children and grandchildren to operate the farm - even to the present.

Chalkley died December 1, 1865; Sarah on June 22, 1893. Both are buried in the Sugar Plain cemetery.

Gerald & Helen Wood

Wichita, Kansas

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