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Arthur Allen Haworth - by Todd Haworth   (new)

Allen Wiley Haworth - by Marilyn Haworth Cummings

Americus Kansas - Isaac Newton Haworth, family 

Catherine Lenora Hayworth

Civil War and Military Notes:

       Alfred Hayworth - Died in Civil War (see his brother Allen, in Haworth Farming, below)

       David Milburn Haworth  - His Civil War Diary    (the entire diary -  a must read)              

       George Washington Haworth - Pension Claim

       Joel Haworth Elliot  - Indian War

Clinton County Ohio - Biographies of Five Haworth Men 

Congressmen and Congresswoman Notes:

       Congressman Donald Hayworth

       Congressman J. D. Hayworth  (see his grandfather Ray Hayworth, baseball player)

       Congresswoman Nan Hayworth, M.D.

Coos Bay, Oregon

Dillon and Jeannie (Crow) Haworth - "Gracie is dead, now we gotta go"

Elnora Haworth Van Patten - Family History, Ackworth IA

Emerson Hayworth Family Pictures

Ellwood and Matilda Folger Haworth

       Family Photo Album  - unknown family author (under construction)

       Ellwood and Matilda Folger Haworth - by daughter Rosetta Haworth Robertson

       Erasmus Haworth  (son of Ellwood) by Darthea S. diZerega    

      Sylvanus Haworth's Family Home - Star Idaho (Sylvanus is a son of Ellwood)

Haworth Farming   

      Allen Haworth - 1884 letter, & 1915 Patent  ( see also his brother Alfred, above)  updated 

      Joseph Henderson - Picture of a Threshing Machine

      Planter Wire 

Haworth Fishing

Haworth Inc  (Office Interior - by  Dr. Janet Huchingson)

Haworth Kansas  (see also, Washington County, below)

       "Relections of the old homestead at Haworth Kansas", by Mina Ward

        Mahlon Haworth Family Reunion, Picture 

        George Chalkley Haworth, family picture 

Haworth - Land Patents

Hayworth - Hood County TX

Horton, Indiana  Haworths

J. Huber Haworth

James M. Haworth - Quaker Indian Agent 

James' Travels with Daniel Boone

James Whitesel Hayworth - Cherokee City, Arkansas

John Haines, Lydia, and Jeremiah Haworth - a family picture

Lindley Murray Haworth - His Family Journal (new, under construction)

Lydia Maude Haworth Starbuck

Mahlon Haworth - of Tennessee, see also Richard, below

Marietta Mills Lewis

Olympics - Cheryl Haworth

Ray Hayworth - baseball player   (see his grandson, Congressman JD Hayworth)

Richard Haworth - of Illinois

Richard Haworth - of Tennessee, see also Mahlon, above

Rita Hayworth - the actress

Sarah Wood Haworth - wife of James 

Sylvester and Susan Lindsay Haworth

Underground Railroad Safe Houses:

      Joel Haworth - of Wayne County Indiana

      Joel Haworth - of Kansas

      James Haworth - father of  "Joel of Kansas" 

      Mahlon Haworth - of Iowa

      Anti-slavery Petition of 1783 - signed by John and George

Union County Indiana - Eli Haworth descendants

Union County Indiana - Un-identified Photos

William Perry Haworth - President, Haworth Association - a biography

William Wesley Haworth - family pictures

Willison Haworth - a biography

Washington County Kansas - (including Niles Haworth obiturary) by Doris Haworth Harder


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