From the History of Clinton County, Ohio,

Its People, Industries and Institutions

With Biographical Sketches of Representative Citizens

And Genealogical Records of Many of the Old Families

Albert J. Brown, A. M., Supervising Editor

 Published1915 B. F. Bowen & Company, Inc., Indianapolis, Indiana


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The Haworth family has been well established in Clinton County for more than a century, and the various members of the family have been prominent in the political and religious life of the various sections in which they have lived. Elijah Marmaduke Haworth, one of the older members of the family now living in this county, is a well-known churchman and farmer of Union township, where he is prominent in the Dover meeting of Friends, and a former trustee of Wilmington College. In Clinton County the name Haworth stands for honesty, integrity and the highest moral purpose, and the representative of the present generation are no exception to the rule established by the worthy pioneers and early members of this family.

Elijah Marmaduke Haworth was born on September 9, 1849, on the farm where he now lives in Union township, the son of Elijah and Elizabeth (Walthall) Haworth, the former of whom was born on March 1, 1813, on Todd’s fork, Union township, and died in 1895, and the latter of whom was born in November, 1811, in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, and died in 1897.

Elijah Haworth was the son of Mahlon and Phoebe (Bailey) Haworth, the former of whom settled on Todd’s fork in 1804. This is a part of Clinton County, now comprised in Union township. Mahlon Haworth was a son of George Haworth, said to have been the second settler in what is now Union township, and one of the earliest in Clinton County. He opened a farm and built a grist-mill. His son, James, settled on a farm long occupied by Eli Gaskill; Richard settled on the David Myers place, and John the Morris farm; George owned the John Haines place, while Samuel and Dillon lived at home with their father. A year later Mahlon brought his family from Tennessee and settled on the farm since owned by William Walker, of Todd's fork, two miles north of Wilmington, on the Dover road. Other sons opened other well-known farms in this part of the county until each of the eight had homes of their own. Here George Haworth continued to reside until about 1825, when several of his sons, having sold their possessions in Ohio, removed to Illinois. He also sold out and removed with his two younger sons, Samuel and Dillon, to Quaker Point, near Georgetown, Vermilion County, Illinois, in order to be near his children. Georgetown was laid out by his son, James Haworth, and called after his father’s given name. George Haworth was a worthy member of the Society of Friends and in the latter years of his life a minister. About 1807 or 1808, he traveled on horseback to Baltimore to attend the yearly meeting as a representative from the Miami quarterly meeting, then, as now, held at Waynesville.

Mahlon Haworth, the son of George Haworth, who had settled on Todd's fork in 1803, visited Ohio first in 1800 on a prospecting tour and prosecuted his explorations up the Little Miami and Mad rivers, returning by way of Van Meter’s. When he came from Tennessee with his family in 1804, he was accompanied by John and James Wright and their families. At this time Cincinnati contained altogether about eighteen houses. It is said that Mahlon Haworth on the journey north rode the wheel horse and drove the team over Clinch mountain, bearing an infant in his arms. This child, then nearly two years old, was his daughter, Susanna, who afterwards married Marmaduke Brackney. Besides Susanna, he brought to Ohio his three children older than she. Rebecca, George D., and Hezekiah. The families of George Haworth, Mahlon Haworth, James and John Wright were among the first white families to settle in Clinton County north of Wilmington. In the bottom of the opposite side of Todd's fork, where they built their cabin, was a camping ground of Indians. In their rude cabin and during the cold winter season a daughter, Mary Haworth, or "Polly," as she was called, was born to Mahlon Haworth. She grew so beautiful that she was admired of all the surrounding country, but in the midst of her loveliness in her early womanhood, she was called away. Mahlon and Phoebe (Bailey) Haworth had also born to them upon this farm other children, as follow: Phoebe, Mahlon Jr., John, Elijah, James and Richard. Rebecca died in early womanhood, and John and James in infancy. The remaining children all lived to be respected and influential citizens of Clinton County and heads of families. Mahlon Haworth finally owned about two hundred acres. He died on his farm at the age of sixty-eight in 1849. All the members of his family were ardent Quakers and he helped to start the Dover meeting in his neighborhood.

William and Elizabeth Walthall, the maternal grandparents of Elijah Marmaduke Haworth, were born in Dinwiddie County, Virginia, about 1825, and came to the Dover neighborhood, in Clinton County, by wagon. He purchased a farm of a hundred acres one mile east of the Dover meeting house and lived there until his death. They were strict Quakers.

Elijah Haworth grew up on a farm in Union township, and with only three hundred dollars cash for payment purchased ninety-seven acres of land out of the Wrightsman farm, where his son now lives. He built a cabin on the farm and kept adding to the place until he owned two hundred acres. In 1840 he built the house which yet stands on the place and in which his son lives. It is a very comfortable dwelling. In 1844 he built the large barn which also stands on the place, hewing every stick of timber in it. He lived on this farm until his death. He was a stock raiser and took especial pride in fattening large numbers of hogs. He served as township trustee, having been elected as a Whig, and during all his life was a radical Abolitionist, and on the formation of the Republican party became identified with it. He and his family were all active in the Dover meeting of the Friends church.

Elijah and Elizabeth (Walthall) Haworth had five children, three of whom, the eldest, are deceased. The living children are Elijah Marmaduke, the subject of this sketch, and Phoebe, who married H. Mather, a farmer of Union township. The deceased children are: Henry, who was a farmer in the Dover neighborhood, and was killed in 1861 by the kick of a horse; William, who died in 1909, was a farmer in Union township; Martha, who married Josiah Hoskins, died, February 15, 1915; her husband is also deceased.

Elijah Marmaduke Haworth attended the public schools and also the subscription schools in his neighborhood and received a fair education. He also attended the Friends monthly meeting schools and lived at home with his father until after his marriage. As his father grew older he gradually took charge of the home farm and in 1895 purchased the interest of the other heirs. He now has a hundred and eighty-four acres in Union township. He keeps a fine grade of live stock and is well known as a stock breeder.

In 1870 Elijah Marmaduke Haworth was united in marriage to Louisa Gilpin, who was born in the Dover neighborhood of Union township, and died in July, 1883. After her death Mr. Haworth was married, secondly, in September, 1884, to Mary Jane Greene, who was born in Clark township, Clinton County, Ohio, the daughter of John Greene, deceased. By the first marriage there were three children, namely: Alma, who married Kelly Underwood, died in 1903; Henry is in the transfer business at Dayton; and Lindley M. is a farmer in Union township. By the second marriage there were two children, Ila, who married Herald McKay, a farmer of Union township, who operates his father-in-law’s farm, and Elizabeth, who is unmarried and lives at home.

Elijah Marmaduke Haworth is a Republican. The Haworth family are members of the Dover meeting of Friends, where Mr. Haworth is an elder. He served as trustee of Wilmington College for six years.

Note: (added by Donald R. Hayworth)

1.        Elijah Marmaduke Haworth is descended from George Haworth the Emigrant through his son James Haworth as follows: Elijah Marmaduke Haworth à Elijah Haworth & Elizabeth Walthall à Mahlon Haworth & Phoebe Frazier  à George Haworth & Susannah Dillon  à James Haworth & Sarah Wood à  George Haworth & Sarah Scarborough.


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