James Whitesel Hayworth

HAYWORTH, J.W. – Ft. Worth, Tex., Nov. 3. –

 The body of a suicide was discovered in the Clear Fork Creek this morning at an early hour by a man crossing the bridge on the short road to the White Settlement. It was lodged in a treetop extending into the water a short distance below the bridge. Justice Milam was summoned to view the body and following facts were:

The dead man was J.W. Hayworth, age about 50 years, an invalid from consumption, who had been a resident of Ft. Worth since the 20th of July last, coming from Cleburne. He lived on the river bottom about 200 yards from where his body was found in a single room tenement with his wife and five small children – all girls. He arose about 4 o’clock this morning without waking any of the family and clad in only his night clothing, walked to the bridge and jumped off on the west side. He stood for some time before making the leap to his death, as the surroundings indicated. J.H. McHam, who lives a few yards of the south end of the bridge, heard the splash of the body when he plunged into the water and afterward heard groans, but supposing it was a dog, went to sleep again. Mrs. Hayworth was seen by a News representative after the body had been taken to the morgue and she stated that her husband had been an invalid for some years. They had formerly lived in Missouri and afterwards in Arkansas where, in Cherokee City, her husband had been a minister of the Gospel for eleven years, of the Christian denomination. Mrs. Hayworth said that she herself had been under the doctors care for some weeks and unable to work. They had rented the house in which they were living for ten days, having only money enough to pay for that length of time and the rent was up today. She was of the opinion that her husband had become disheartened over his own illness and the sad plight of the family and in this downcast state of mind had taken his life.  A week ago, she said he had declared he would end his existence and had started for the river but his little girls had overtaken him and persuaded him to return. They had been promised work today but it was too late to help the husband and father. [Benton County Democrat 12/28/99] 

 OBITUARIES OF BENTON COUNTY, ARKANSAS - Volume 2,  page 28-29 – 1899-1904


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