Find A Grave Instructions

Instructions for using

Find a Grave is a FREE site to show listings, pictures and memorial stones for anyone who has passed. Anyone can create a memorial listing for family and friends, and many volunteers list partial or entire cemeteries, often with pictures of the headstones. This is a wonderful Genealogy tool.

Click on any cemetery link below to access the particular cemetery.

The main page for that cemetery will be shown. To search just that cemetery, fill in the last name you are searching for, ie: Haworth or Hayworth. It will bring up all names for Haworth or Hayworth and you can individually click on those listings to bring up the full memorial page. Simply use your 'back button' to go back to the previous page.

From any page in Find a Grave, you may access any other “Search' option from a menu called ACTIONS on the left side of the screen.

You may “Begin a New Search” name, you may designate the State you wish to search, you may choose “Date Filter” which allows you to search only recent entries, and you may choose to have your names come up in order, 'Order by”, ie; by birth date, by death date, by cemetery. If you do not designate an 'order' they will come up alphabetically.

You may do a “Cemetery Lookup” search....if you know the name of a cemetery you may fill in a full or partial name, and I recommend filling in the State it is located in to narrow that search, and it can be narrowed further by filling in the County.

You may also do a 'Browse by County or State' from the Cemetery Lookup. In the paragraph above the field “Name” (of the cemetery) there is a blue highlighted link to 'browse a US county' or 'browse a non-US county'. A field will come up for State and county choices. All cemeteries in the area will then come up.

Important: Because this is a very useful genealogy tool,  it is important for you to tell the listing person if you find errors on a particular listing. To do this, simply click EDIT on the top right corner of the person's memorial page, choose *Suggest a correction or provide additional information. An area will come up where you may correct erroneous information, correct a name, ask for more information to be added, OR, ask that this person be transferred to you so you may make changes and 'maintain' it. You will need to specify your relationship and why you want it transferred, but most people will do a transfer unless they are also related and want to keep it themselves.

You may also ask that the person be 'linked' to their spouse or parents, but please give the person the listing numbers for the links....listing numbers are found at the bottom of each memorial page.

Find a Grave is also very helpful, and you may go to their “Help” page for commonly asked questions. They also have a Discussion Forum where you may ask more detailed questions or join in on-going discussions. Have Fun!   Kathy Mills, editor


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